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the rise of startup societies

The startup societies ecosystem experienced a turning point following the release of the book “The Network State” in July 2022 by Balaji Srinivasan, who introduced the idea of starting new cities and countries leveranging crypto technologies.


"A network state is a highly aligned online community with a capacity for collective action that crowdfunds territory around the world and eventually gains diplomatic recognition from pre-existing states."
Balaji Srinivasan
Entrepreneur, Investor and Author

THE first experiment

ZUZALU was the world’s first pop-up city, which hosted 200 residents for two months in Q1 2023 in Montenegro.

The project was envisioned and led by Vitalik Buterin, the billionaire founder of the Ethereum blockchain.

Startup Societies

Startup Societies are organizations that aim to innovate in digital governance, sociopolitical institutions, and new ways of organizing society for the Internet era, including building new Cities from scratch.



The documentary What if It’s a startup will capture the rise of startup societies in emergent markets filmed during the Vitalia pop-up city in Próspera/HN.

filmed during vitalia

Vitalia is a 2-month pop-up city that will bring together 200 residents passionate about longevity research and digital governance to discuss and build around these ideas.

The project goal is to bootstrap a decentralized city dedicated to longevity research acceleration.

the story

On Jan 4th, we’ve embarked on a 2-month journey to an island with 200 other entrepreneurs and scientists, all focused on a singular goal: to accelerate research on longevity and explore new governance models.

It’s called Vitalia.

During this journey, we are going to produce the first episode of the docuseries ‘What If It Is A Startup’ about the rise of startup societies and network states in emerging markets, featuring Vitalia and Próspera City.

What is the role of startup societies for progress and social development?

What is the impact of longevity research for emerging markets?

How do digital and decentralized technologies help underprivileged communities?

featured interviewees

Balaji Srinivasan

Bryan Johnson

Magatte Wade

Patri Friedman

Jordan Hall

Dr. Aubrey de Grey

Florian Fournier

Niklas Anzinger

Sebastian Brunemeier

Michael Strong

Massimo Mazzone

Laurence Ion

why is it important

Emerging technologies like crypto, blockchains, AI, anti-aging, and startup societies have one thing in common: they pose a threat to long-established monopolies, institutions, and power structures.

No wonder we see an endless flow of attacks, pessimistic news, regulatory pressure, and biased narratives against each one of these innovations.

This is why builders on this new frontier must take control of their narratives and share their side of the story. Otherwise, the narratives will be one-sided.

In a world of culture wars and dramatic power transitions, the truth is often suppressed by mainstream media. Our goal is to shine a light on the reality — that highly aligned internet-native communities have the power to reinvent parallel institutions.

The most important stories in tech innovation are about social transformations.


Jean Hansen - Producer

Founder at Ipê City, a community of techno enthusiast building crypto villages.

+8 year in crypto/web3 as a educator, researcher and investor.

Yash Lunagaria - Producer

Built and launched products at XMTP, Microsoft, Apple, OneTrust, Macstadium.

Luis Gómez - Filmmaker / Director

With more than 10 years of experience, Luis has developed documentary projects internationally in countries such as India, Uganda, Colombia, Mexico, United States, Indonesia, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, among others.

The Venue

Próspera Roatán

Vitalia will take place in Próspera, a autonomous city located in Roatán, a Caribbean island in the northern coast of Honduras.

It was established under Honduran ZEDE laws, which aim to replicate the successful governance experiments of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Dubai by granting legal and regulatory autonomy to the administrator of the zone.

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